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A very busy person...

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An award-winning story producer and screen sector entrepreneur, I am the founder of movie production company White Lantern Film, and commercials and content video production company The Light Side.  I have produced 3 movies, the award-winning environmental documentary Drying For Freedom, film noir Emulsion and Sweeney Todd inspired urban thriller K-Shop.  I have a slate of independent films in development, and have also produced a number of award-winning short films alongside a range of commercials and content for brands such as LV, BT, Mizuno and Garmin.  As a producer I was selected by Film London as an Emerging Producer, won the Arts University College Bournemouth Business Challenge Award twice and I have been nominated by the British Council for Young Screen Entrepreneur.

To support the two main businesses, I have also founded crewing service Freelancer Direct, and location management service I-Permit.  I also support the local community through media education via Project Insight.I.E., and nurture talent through the BFI Film Academy in Bournemouth Get Inside Movies and networking group B-Reel.

As an entrepreneur I have developed a vertically integrated cluster of independent businesses within the entertainment and the creative sector. As a producer I have worked on a range of movies, shorts, documentaries and corporate films; read on to find out more about them or check out my filmography, how to talk or stalk me or how I’d change the world.

Selected by Film London as an Emerging Producer, I am growing my diverse award-winning screen sector businesses in Bournemouth producing a range of drama and factual content alongside B2B and B2C content. I have won the Arts University College Bournemouth Business Challenge Award twice and I have been nominated by the British Council for Young Screen Entrepreneur. In 2013 White Lantern Film was selected by the BFI to form part of their Film Academy, inspiring young film talent in the region through our Get Inside Movies programme.

As the founder and senior producer of White Lantern Film I have a range of feature credits including:

K-Shop d. Dan Pringle, p. Adam J Merrifield (due for release 2016)
Gritty Sweeney Todd thriller set in a British kebab shop plagued by binge drinking.

Drying to Freedom d. Steven Lake, p. Adam J Merrifield (World Première Eco Focus Film Festival)
Multi-award winning documentary about our planet’s economic and environmental future which hangs on an unlikely thread: the clothesline.

Emulsion d. Suki Singh, p. Adam J Merrifield
Psychological noir about a man desperately seeking his missing wife.

Silent Things (short) d. Rob Brown, p. Adam J Merrifield (World Premiere Raindance Film Festival)

My full Filmography is here.

Through my corporate and commercial production company The Light Side, I have produced content for a number of brands including BT, Garmin, Mizuno, Sony, Kraft, Nestle, J P Morgan and LV=.  Our aim is to tell stories, whether this is through drama or documentaries, to lend some movie magic to brighten up businesses and brands.  The company is the largest video production company in Dorset and has the largest full-time post-production facility of its type in the area.

With a variety of business interests all working together to enhance the creative economy, telling stories and enriching the lives of audiences and the teams behind the scenes, I enjoy my role as producer and entrepreneur.  Check out this site to find out more about me and the businesses I started and manage.