Project: Insight.I.E.


Project Insight Interactive Education, or InsightIE for short, aim’s to unite communities, education, media and business.  The project brings together a collection of projects, films and educational programmes overseen by White Lantern Film, The Light Side and associated businesses.

Everyone involved in Project InsightIE  volunteers their time because they believe the arts and media should be for everyone.  Through various initiatives, we try to encourage people to get involved with, learn about, and use digital media to learn about, capture and present the stories around them.

All our initiative have an approach which is relevant and accessible to all sectors of the community, developing awareness of, and respect for, self, others and the society.  It is important that digital media based activities are distinguished from those that are purely recreational.  While recreational activities may be very enjoyable, and even valuable, such activities do not necessarily justify the use of educational resources.  Media Education involves strong learning opportunities and achievement, enhancing the experience of participation.

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