The Light Side

Everything at The Light Side is about creative content and everyone is a filmmaker to the core.  In 2005 we moved into a little office in sunny Bournemouth with the hope of being enthused by a growing creative community… but that’s not to say a beach didn’t influence that decision as well.

Shortly after, a steady flow of knocks on the door came from local businesses looking to tell their stories and showcase their brands to the world. We couldn’t resist! So we formed a company dedicated to telling those stories in a cool, professional and engaging way.

Since then, we’re still the filmmakers we always were but we’ve just grown a little… and moved closer to the beach. Now, with our 12-strong team of dedicated production and post-production professionals, we think we’re more equipped than ever before to tell your stories. Just check out some of the content we’ve produced for brands such as BT, Garmin, Mizuno, Sony and LV.

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