Project: Insight.I.E.

Fusing energy, entertainment and education


Project Insight Interactive Education aim is to unite communities, education, the arts and business to inspire and invigorate live events with a contemporary attitude.

With a passion for bringing together people, the arts and education everyone involved with the project has vast experience in event management, talent promotion, risk assessment, training, pr and marketing, bringing a wealth of knowledge to everything we do.  Our experience includes managing the annual outdoor event Candlelight Night which attracts over 10,000 people to Bournemouth’s central gardens, monthly media networking and screening events, educational and training programmes and movie premieres.

Everyone involved in Project Insight.I.E. believes the arts and media is for everyone and we want to encourage as wide an audience as possible to get involved with, learn about, and use digital media and the arts to learn about, capture and present the stories around them.  Our approach is relevant and accessible to all sectors of the community, developing awareness of, and respect for, self, others and the society.  It is important that digital media based activities are distinguished from those that are purely recreational.  While recreational activities may be very enjoyable, and even valuable, such activities do not necessarily justify the use of educational resources.  Media Education involves strong learning opportunities and achievement, enhancing the experience of participation.