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An award-winning story producer and founder of WHITE LANTERN FILMMOTUM FILM and commercials agency CINOVA, I have produced 3 movies alongside numerous short films and TV commercials.  My first feature was the multi-award-winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM exploring washing line bans in America; I then produced EMULSION, a film noir starring Outlanders Sam Heughan and more recently the critically acclaimed Sweeney Todd inspired urban thriller K-SHOP renowned for its strong representation of British binge drinking culture.  A short film highlight was producing BFI-funded SILENT THINGS starring Andrew Scott as an autistic man befriending a lonely teenager.

I also produce television commercials for brands such as LV, BT, Mizuno and Garmin.  I was selected by Film London as an Emerging Producer, won the Arts University College Bournemouth Business Challenge Award twice and I have been nominated by the British Council for Young Screen Entrepreneur.

Nurturing new and young talent has been a continuous theme throughout my career.  For the last 7 years I have managed the BOURNEMOUTH BFI FILM ACADEMY, hosted regular movie networking events and I am the founder and principle behind the SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL.



Them and Us d. Suki Singh, Motun Film (In development)

Two Wee Lads d. Steve McCarten, Motum Film (In development)

The Spy Who Licked Me d. StevTim Clague/Danny Stack, Spy Dog Films (In development)

A Patriot d. Dan Pringle, White Lantern Film (In turnaround)

K-Shop d. Dan Pringle, White Lantern Film, (World Première Dead by Dawn International Horror Film Festival)
Gritty Sweeney Todd thriller set in a British kebab shop plagued by binge drinking.

Drying for Freedom d. Steven Lake, White Lantern Film, (World Première Eco Focus Film Festival)
Our planet’s economic and environmental future hangs on an unlikely thread: the clothesline.

Emulsion d. Suki Singh, White Lantern Film, Hot Lemonade Films
Psychological noir about a man seeking his missing Wife.

Silent Things (short) d. Rob Brown, White Lantern Film, South West Screen  (Premiere Raindance Film Festival)
An autistic man and woman undergo an extraordinary test of character and friendship when a 15 year old girl comes between them.

Flushed (short) d. Martin Stirling, White Lantern Film, South West Screen (Première Super Shorts International)
Sam, a chubby adolescent boy with low self-esteem is forced to confront the greatest challenge of his life, using the school toilets.



Producer & Founder - White Lantern Film

2000 to present

As Founder and Senior Producer at White Lantern Film, I am responsible for the companies development and production slate. For more info check out my White Lantern Film page.

Senior Producer & Co-Founder - Cinova

2011 to present

In 2020 I merged the commercials and content production company I founded, TLS, with RMP Filmmakers to create Cinova.  The new company works with brands to engage and inform audiences worldwide through the creation of award-winning content, commercials and animations.  For more info check out my Cinova page.

Founder - B-Reel

2014 to present

Whether you are involved with shorts, producing features, filming commercials or creating video for business, BREEL is for you to network, share and talk about everything to do with the moving image. For more details check out the website.

Founder - Shorts Sounds Film Festival

2017 to present

The SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL is the world’s first dedicated celebration of cinematic SOUND and MUSIC. An event to champion the audio wizards that fill our heads with SOUNDS that make our heart races and SCORES that storm our souls. For more details check out my festival website.


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If you would like to get in touch, please contact me through my office at Motum Film:

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