The Wretched d. Dan Pringle, Starring Jessica Hynes, White Lantern Film (Financing)

Them and Us d. Suki Singh, Motun Film (Financing)

The Spy Who Licked Me d. Tim Clague/Danny Stack, Spy Dog Films (In development)

A Patriot d. Dan Pringle, White Lantern Film (In turnaround)

Die Before You Die d. Dan Pringle, A hot-headed influencer finds himself trapped six feet underground after an internet challenge goes dramatically wrong. White Lantern Film (In Post-Production)

K-Shop d. Dan Pringle, White Lantern Film, (World Première Dead by Dawn International Horror Film Festival)
Gritty Sweeney Todd thriller set in a British kebab shop plagued by binge drinking.

Drying for Freedom d. Steven Lake, White Lantern Film, (World Première Eco Focus Film Festival)
Our planet’s economic and environmental future hangs on an unlikely thread: the clothesline.

Emulsion d. Suki Singh, White Lantern Film, Hot Lemonade Films
Psychological noir about a man seeking his missing Wife.

Silent Things (short) d. Rob Brown, White Lantern Film, South West Screen  (Premiere Raindance Film Festival)
An autistic man and woman undergo an extraordinary test of character and friendship when a 15 year old girl comes between them.

Flushed (short) d. Martin Stirling, White Lantern Film, South West Screen (Première Super Shorts International)
Sam, a chubby adolescent boy with low self-esteem is forced to confront the greatest challenge of his life, using the school toilets.