An award-winning story producer and founder of WHITE LANTERN FILMMOTUM FILM and commercials agency CINOVA, I have produced 3 movies alongside numerous short films and TV commercials.  My first feature was the multi-award-winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM exploring washing line bans in America; I then produced EMULSION, a film noir starring Outlanders Sam Heughan and more recently the critically acclaimed Sweeney Todd inspired urban thriller K-SHOP renowned for its strong representation of British binge drinking culture.  A short film highlight was producing BFI-funded SILENT THINGS starring Andrew Scott as an autistic man befriending a lonely teenager.

I also produce television commercials for brands such as LV, BT, Mizuno and Garmin.  I was selected by Film London as an Emerging Producer, won the Arts University College Bournemouth Business Challenge Award twice and I have been nominated by the British Council for Young Screen Entrepreneur.

Nurturing new and young talent has been a continuous theme throughout my career.  For the last 7 years I have managed the BOURNEMOUTH BFI FILM ACADEMY, hosted regular movie networking events and I am the founder and principle behind the SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL.