Producer & Founder: 2022 to present

As Founder and Producer at BH_Movies, I am responsible for the companies development and production slate.

White Lantern Film

Producer & Founder: 2000 to present

As Founder and Senior Producer at White Lantern Film, I am responsible for the companies development and production slate. For more info check out my White Lantern Film page.

TLS Ideas Studio

Managing Director & Co-Founder: 2019 to present

Creating content for 10 cross-platform channels which entertain and inform global audiences across the world’s most popular media platforms. Check our out Linktree – https://linktr.ee/tlsideasstudio

Consilium Management

Managing Director & Founder: 2014 to present

The company provides business-critical support services to the creative sector helping writers, directors and producers develop and create movies, series and documentaries.  Our vision is to help the screen and creative sector save money, enabling it to enhance the cultural services that improve our quality of life, protect the environment and deliver experiences for citizens and businesses.


Senior Producer & Co-Founder: 2011 to present

In 2020 I merged the commercials and content production company I founded, TLS to create Cinova.  The new company works with brands to engage and inform audiences worldwide through the creation of award-winning content, commercials and animations.  For more info visit cinova.co.uk


Founder: 2014 to present

Whether you are involved with shorts, producing features, filming commercials or creating video for business, BREEL is for you to network, share and talk about everything to do with the moving image. For more details check out the website.

WLF Advance

Managing Director: 2000 to present

The company focuses on training young people and providing them with new opportunities in the creative and screen sector through our BFI funded Film Academy and our DWP funded Kickstart Scheme Gateway.  Visit wldadvance.co.uk for more information.

Shorts Sounds Film Festival

Founder & Festival Director: 2017 to 2022

The festival is the world’s first dedicated celebration of cinematic sound and music, an event to champion the audio wizards that fill our heads with audio that make our heart races and scores that storm our souls. The festival is a not-for-profit organisation, visit shortsounds.co.uk for more information.